Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica: Noble Vulchur's Nest

Noble Vulchur's Nest
Noble Vulchur

She can scream, all she wants, but it will be in vain. A binding pole stretches her arms behind her back, her elbows pushed near to the busting point, as men grasp and grope at her body. Clothes are torn away and more is revealed, and soon the buxom maid is taken to the dungeon, to be the lord's pleasurable entertainment for the evening. She can kick and scream and bite, but she will be plundered, used and abused, over and over again. There is little left for her, no dignity, no grace, only the stains of sweat and spittle and cum over her aching body. Who will answer her calls for help now? Will you? Or are you next in line…?

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So you wish to know more, my travelling friend? That is wondrous news. In order to see these illicit images, I will require proper authorization and identification. If you please, go to the artist's site at Erotic Illusions and sign up for that one. Then return here with the codes you have been given for full unadulterated access to both that site and this one. After that, we will spend some quality time together within this exciting gallery, seeing what is on ... display...!

Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions


Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions